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CALCIO LIGURIA (Italy) is the new member of the FIF7 family

CALCIO LIGURIA is a leading Italian organization with 200 amateur teams who fight each season in the fields of Genoa and its province. The "main" championship is represented by "A Series". This is the competition dedicated to the 30 most competitive teams of amateur Genoese football.

Thanks to CALCIO LIGURIA, every year the best amateur teams of Genoa descend on fields in the most important Italian stadiums: San Siro di Milano, Marassi di Genova and Olimpico di Roma achieving important sporting goals.

From this year on, the Genoese organization becomes part of the FIF7, with the objective of establishing a lasting and strong partnership. The team that wins the Serie A Championship is admitted to the European Club Championship (Barcelona), and can become part of an international circuit of undisputed prestige such as FIF7.

The President of CALCIO LIGURIA is Sandro Scarrone, Genoese journalist and coordinator of the Arbitri group. Among CALCIO LIGURIA's referees is also former international referee Graziano Cesari, who last year led the Serie A final at Marigi's Luigi Ferraris Stadium.

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