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With a record of public, Peru defeats Brazil and qualifies for the final of the Women's America


The penultimate round of the first phase of the Copa América Feminina was held this afternoon in Lima, capital of Peru. With the biggest public of the competition, the Peruvian team received the Brazilian and was more efficient, winning the match by 1-0. With the victory, Peru closed its participation in the first phase, with 100% of use and classified for the Final.

It was a game well studied by both teams. Peru had more possession in the first half and took advantage of the clearest chance of play. In a fantastic display of determination, Connie Puerta adjusted their style of play in order to conserve the lead. In the second stage, Brazil tried to tie, but the Peruvian defense prevented.

In the other group game, Mexico quietly beat Chile 4-0. With the result, Mexico reached the same number of points in Brazil, opponent of Monday (09). Who wins will advance to the final to face Peru, which slacks in the next round.

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