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In an exciting match, Brazil wins Mexico in the Shoot-Outs, Costa Rica wins the first victory in the

The penultimate round of the first phase of Copa America was held on Sunday night in Lima, the capital of Peru. In the most anticipated duel of the first phase, Mexico and Brazil made a very balanced game, decided only in the Shoot-Outs. Best for the Brazilian team, they secured the extra point and only relies on himself to advance to the final.

Mexico started better in the first leg and opened the scoring early in the game. From there, the duel remained balanced, with chances of goals for both sides. In the second stage, Brazil advanced the marking, wanting the goal of tie at any cost. The goal came in 22 minutes, with a goalkeeper-line kick that went through everyone until finding the nets. In the Shoot-Outs, Brazil converted two charges and had two defenses from goalkeeper Rodrigo to win the extra point.

Now, the Brazilian team depends only on a win or a draw with victory in the Shoot-Outs to advance. The team faces Colombia on Monday afternoon (09). Mexico, play in the round and hope that Brazil will win at most one point. Who to qualify, faces Peru in the final that is scheduled for the night of Monday (09).

In the other group game, Colombia came to open 2-0 on the scoreboard, but took the turn in the last minutes. Los Ticos won their first win in the competition and took third place with three points while Colombia have the same score but loses in the tiebreaker criteria.

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