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Brazil defeats Colombia by 3 to 1 and advances to the final of the America's Cup


The last round of the America's Cup was held late this Monday (09) in Lima, Peru. Brazil needed to beat Colombia to qualify for the final against Peru. Soon in the first stage, the Brazilians opened 2 to 0 on the scoreboard, giving tranquility to the second half. The Colombians came to cash, but with the goal of Mikimba, Brazil closed the score in 3 to 1.

With the result, Brazil was in the first position of group B, with 11 points, one more than Mexico. In the grand final, Canarinho faces Peru, which has the best campaign of the competition. The game will be the last night of this Monday (09). Colombia ended their participation with a win and three defeats in four matches.

In the other match of the group, Bolivia had to sweat to win from Costa Rica. After being behind on the scoreboard, the South American team got the turn at the end of the game. With the result, the two teams finished their appearances with a victory in four matches.

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