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Making his debut in the America's Cup, Peru win derby against Chile


The America's Cup started on Saturday (07) in Lima, Peru. The owners of the house faced Chile for the Copa America debut. The Peruvians started losing the game, but got the turn and won by 3 to 1, for the party of the fans.

Peru had the crowd in favor, which was the Arena of Lima. But who opened the scoring was Chile, with Nicolas Sepulveda. Still in the first half, Carlos Peralta tied the game in favor of the home team. In the second stage, the Peruvians went on the attack and with goals from Medina and Arbulu, they won the Andean derby.

Peru is still back on the court this Saturday. The Peruvians face Uruguay, with the broadcast of WATCH F7 TV. Chile play in the next round and play Sunday against Guatemala.

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