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See the full Football 7 America´s Cup table.

The Football 7 America´s Cup will gather in Lima (Peru) between April 6 and 10, the greatest forces of football 7 in the Americas. Teams from 10 countries will be on the field in the title fight. It will be the first time that the event will also bring together women's teams and more than 200 athletes will land in the Peruvian capital to experience this great experience.

In the men's category, the current champion is Mexico that has the best player in the world, Hugo Rodrigues, while in the women's category Brazil the great Brazilian star and best player in the world, Aninha, has confirmed participation.

In the first phase the teams play in groups formed by five national teams and the best of each group will play the grand final. In the women's category the two best placed in the first phase will dispute the grand finale.

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