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Ten countries participate in the Copa América de Fútbol 7

The Copa América de Futebol 7 has already marked the history of the sport. With the participation of ten countries represented by their main sports leagues the competition will put on the field the best players in the Americas. The dispute takes place in Lima, capital of Peru and will be in the field men's and women's teams in the fight for the title.

The technical department of FIF7 has disclosed the groups and system of dispute of the competition. In the men's category Peru (host) and Mexico (current champion) were the key heads of the groups. In the women's category are five teams in the title fight. A total of 15 teams and more than 250 participants in the competition.

The table will be released next Tuesday and there will be a broadcast of Movistar Deportes and Watch F7TV.


Male - 02 groups with 05 teams playing among themselves. The best of each group will play in the final and second place in each group will compete for the bronze medal.

Group A - Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, Uruguay and Chile Group B - Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia

Female - 05 teams playing with each other. The two best will play in the final, while two other best placed contests for the bronze medal.

Single group - Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina

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