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The Brazilian Association of Clubs is officially affiliated in the country of soccer

The Brazilian Association of Football Clubs 7 becomes the only representative in the country of football. The entity was born from an initiative to gather more than 2,000 Brazilian teams and 30,000 athletes in a movement that aims to end a cycle of disagreements between sports entities that tried to control the most practiced sport in the country, with impositions on clubs and athletes.

The first major achievement of the Association will be to take a delegation with 40 representatives from 22 Brazilian teams to Lima (Peru) for the Copa América 7 Soccer match, which will bring together the greatest forces and stars of the 7 international soccer in all Latin America.

"There are thousands of teams and athletes who did not have access to participate in the most important thing being done in Brazil." Now all athletes and teams will have access and the opportunity to perform the his dreams through the sport, "said Mario Pinduca, captain of the Brazilian National Team.

More information on the official website of the entity

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