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The last day for the inscription of the national teams in the Football 7 America´s Cup

The Football 7 America´s Cup will be held between April 6 and 10 in the city of Lima (Peru) with the participation of the main soccer teams 7 of the Americas. In the field of the big cracks of the international football 7 will defend the national teams. This is the second edition of the event that already has a 100% growth.

In 2017 were the 06 main snational teams that were present and for this edition the competition already has 12 teams registered. The expectation of the organizing committee is that it can reach 15 participating teams.

Today is the last day for countries to confirm their presence in the competition. In the list of countries that have already confirmed their presence.

Male category

Peru Uruguay Argentina Brazil Chile Bolivia Costa Rica Colombia

Female category

Brazil Argentina Peru Chile

football 7 federation
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