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Chilean teams train for the Football 7 America´s Cup

The Chilean teams are preparing for the Football 7 America´s Cup, which will be played in Lima (Peru) from 07 to 09 April. The teams are formed by athletes of the main football 7 teams of the country that compete for the competitions carried out by the National Association of Soccer 7 of Chile.

The preparation of the national teams takes place in Santiago, capital of the country and the expectation of the technical committee and the leaders is that the country plays a good role in the most important competition of America. "The teams are preparing very well, the athletes are strongly committed and giving the maximum. We know that the technical level is very high and we will face some of the strongest teams in the world," said Gonzalo, of ANF7 CHILE.

In 2017 the Women's Team of Chile participated in the Football 7 Intercontinental Cup held in Brazil and was the first experience of the country at the international level. For the first time the men's team will enter the field for an official competition.

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