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SPAIN. Galicia Cup F7 will have three representatives in the European Club Championship

The season in the Galicia F7 Cup does not end in June. After the end of the regular phase, two tracks open to reward the best at the sport level. This is the double international circuit offered by the Galicia F7 Cup.

After the recent agreement with the International Football Federation 7 (FIF7), the Galicia F7 Cup teams will also be able to participate in the tournaments organized by this international entity. In this case, they will have exclusive access to the Football 7 European Club Championship, which will bring together the best squads of the continent from September 14 to 16 in Barcelona.

Access to this unique prize will take into account the league format during the regular season at the three venues of the competition. There will be a total of three seats in play (one per seat) to be decided between the champions of the Open and Closing Tournaments of the highest categories (1st Division). Thus, if a team wins both tournaments, they will have won directly the right to participate in the championship that will be played in Barcelona. In the same way, to be different the two winners of Opening and Closing, these two teams will play the ticket of their headquarters for the European in a match, as a final.

The European champion will participate in the Club World Championship to be held in December in Brazil.

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