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One of the main competitions of the FIF7 calendar Copa América will have news in the 2018 edition

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The Copa América 2018 already has a definite date. Between the 7th and 9th of April, the city of Lima capital of Peru will once again host the top teams in the Americas. The big news this season will be the women's category. The matches will be broadcast on television and internet and the stage of the matches will be a great arena set up for the event.

In the first edition of the tournament the Mexican selection won the title against Brazil. This year, national teams are already preparing to seek the title. Besides the male confrontations, the female category will also enter the competition and female selections promise to further intensify disputes.

The expectation is that just as in the last edition the arena receives a good public. The public will be able to see the best football 7 players currently who will defend the colors of their countries in the first international competition of 2018.

Check out the Copa América videos in the men's and women's categories:

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