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Miguel Ángel Tequila is elected for the third year the best coach in the world

The coach of the Mexican national team 7 and the Sidekicks-MEX, world champion of clubs is one of the main coaches of the football 7 world. In 2014 he appeared for the first time among the candidates and was placed second. The following year it was the turn of winning the title, in the season 2016 again the coach was awarded the best prize in the world of FIF7.

Football 7 Awards rewards the world's best in the international football 7 season. This is the third time Miguel Angel Tequila has won the award. After a brilliant season in which he led the Mexican national team to the Copa América title and the Sidekicks (MEX) to the most important club title in international football 7, the coach arrives once again at the highest place.

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