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Brazilian Marina Hoher is awarded the Loco Martinez Trophy, destined for the most beautiful goal of

The Brazilian Marina Hoher do Figueirense was awarded the Loco Martinez Trophy, destined to the most beautiful goal of the world football 7 in the year 2017. The award was instituted in honor of the Uruguayan athlete who made history in professional football and that today dedicates itself to contribute to the growth of football 7, prestige and attending all international events defending the Malvin Club and the Uruguayan National Team.

In 2014 Loco Martinez surprised everyone by making a beautiful coverage goal in the decisive match of the World Club Championship, when he defended the Club Nacional. The goal was right against the best goalkeeper in the world of that season, the Italian Oliver.

This year Marina Hoher made a real work of art, not only for the beauty of the execution, but mainly for the circumstances that happened. It was the final of the Football 7 World Club Championship 7 and the decision was for the shoot-out. In this decisive moment when the athletes put the test their emotional control the Brazilian player simply showed a lot of personality and opted for the most difficult, covering the extraordinary Peruvian goalie with a coolness characteristic of great athletes. The goal gave Figueirense the world title and marked the athlete's name in the hall of fame of the main athletes of the most practiced sport in the world.

The question that remains. On a sudden death charge would you have the guts?

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