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Check out the winners of the best goalkeeper award of the last seasons

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Only one day left for the announcement of the winners of the Football 7 Awards. The FIF7 disclose the names on Thursday (25) but rather it is worth remembering the winners of the last seasons. Since 2011 when the award was created five different goalkeepers received the prize. Only one received the title of best of the year twice:

Season 2011 and 2012: For two consecutive seasons Willian Vanzela won the best goalkeeper of the year. In 2011 he excelled as goalkeeper of the Italian national team who was champion of Mundialito. The following year he was in Lazio (ITA) and was third in the World Club Championship.

Season 2013: In 2013 Guilherme defended the Brazilian national team in the Mundialito. The team was champion of the competition and the goalkeeper was one of the highlights. At the end of the season, the athlete was voted the best goalkeeper.

Season 2014: Igor Pereira was the goalkeeper for Fluminense in the 2014 season. That year the team was featured in competitions who played and was champion of the League of the Americas. Igor was considered the best goalkeeper of the year.

Season 2015: Oliver defended the Italian team in the main competitions of the season. One of the team leaders the goalkeeper received the recognition at the end of the year when he was voted the best goalkeeper of the season.

Season 2016: The year 2016 was highlighted by the international competitions organized by F7W. Highlights of the Circuit of the Americas in the Copa Sul, Diego Andrade of RHC Ecuador was elected the best of the year.

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