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AMERICA´S CUP. With 32 athletes from 19 clubs in the country the Brazilian teams of Football 7 are c

The Brazilian soccer teams 7 (men and women) were called for the Copa America dispute to be played between April 6 and 9 in Lima (Peru), with the organization of FIF7 (International Football Federation 7). This is the first call of the selection for 2018, as this season Brazil is confirmed in three international events. In the men's category Brazil is the current runner-up in the competition, while in the women's country the country will participate in the first edition of the competition in the category. In the men's team there are 16 athletes from 14 different clubs and another 02 ambassadors invited to join the group to compete, while in the women's team are 14 athletes who will defend Brazil.

Of the men's team that defended the country in the Copa America 2017 only 05 players return to Lima, being that six players dress for the first time the shirt of the Brazilian selection, while other two players who did not participate in the conquest of the Intercontinental Cup the defending champion Arthur (Petrópolis-RJ), the current champion of Rio de Janeiro and the multi-champion Mikimba (Vasco da Gama), the top scorer in the history of Brazilian football, is back in December.

ABOUT MALE SELECTION "In our country we could mount up to 05 strong national football teams 7 to compete internationally and it is very difficult to choose only 16. It is the year of the Football World Cup 7, the biggest competition in the history of the sport and until December is just as other players have the opportunity to defend the country in international competitions.The players who were being called correspond, but the Batata wants to give opportunity to others who made a brilliant season for their respective teams in 2017, and as we said before, no It is important to know if they defend shirt or not, and in which entity they play. "They are being called by what they presented in the field, a clear example of this is the players of Petrópolis and Arraial do Cabo, finalists of the Carioca Championship. is always a prize to clubs and athletes, because they are the ones who make football 7 really happens, "said Wanderlei Ramos, coordinator of the national team.

ABOUT FEMALE SELECTION "In the women's category and much more difficult to mount the selection due to being a new job, coupled with the fact that the calendar is thin and the athletes had very few opportunities, that way the technical committee chose to keep the base that was champion in the Intercontinental Cup Obviously the athletes who participated in the World Club Championship last year were more evident and were remembered.The technical committee was chosen to maintain the base of the best Brazilian teams placed in the competition, Figueirense (champion) and Barcelona (3rd Placed), but of the 14 summons we have seven different clubs being represented.In spite of having five Barcelona athletes, the fact is that there were only three and two moved from Team Forte-PR and Colo- Colo less than a month, of the 14 athletes, 10 were champions for Brazil in the Intercontinental Cup and 04 are new faces "concluded Wanderlei.

GUESTS The men's team still has two illustrious guests, former professional athletes who are going to share the international experience with the youngest players who for the first time defend the selection in a competition of such importance, they are: Rodrigo Mendes, champion for Flamengo, Gremio and Kashima Antlers and Fabrício Souza, runner-up of the Libertadores by Atletico Paranaense and champion of the Champions League of Asia by Seongnam Ilhwa (South Korea).

"The participation of Rodrigo and Fabrício Souza will certainly be positive in the technical aspect because they are still in full form and also out of the field, because the pressure in the Lima Arena is very great and certainly they will be able to pass tranquility to the younger "Ramos.

PROGRAMMING Day 05 of April - Morning / Embarkation for Lima-Peru and Night (Training) Day 06 of April - Training (2 periods - morning and afternoon) April 7th - Games Day 08 of April - Games Day 09 of April - Games Day 10 of April - Return


Goalkeeper Rodrigo (Chapecoense-SC) Fanta (Arraial do Cabo-RJ)

Defense Arthur (Petrópolis-RJ) Cadu (Sport-PE)

midfield Marcelo (Chapecoense-SC) Ruan (Petrópolis-RJ) Dionata (Coritiba) Sides Rafa Carioca (Avaí-SC) Chayene (Flamengo-RJ) Rodrigo (Botafogo-RJ) Mael (Ouro Verde-RS) Pinduca (Atlético-PR) midfield Mike (Corinthians-SP) Pelé (Santos-SP) attackers Mikimba (Vasco-RJ) Miller Alves (Camaçari-BA)

Guests Rodrigo Mendes (convidado) Fabrício Souza (convidado)

Ccoach Marco Antônio Batata


Goalkeeper Luiza Jesus (Figueirense/Paula Ramos-SC) Vanessa (Barcelona-PR) Defense Laíssa (Barcelona-PR) Daniela Zanolla (Internacional-RS)

Sides Thais Andrade (Barcelona-PR) Rayane (Vasco-RJ) Maria Thereza - Ala (Barcelona-PR)

midfield Ana Caroline (Figueirense/Paula Ramos-SC) Marina Hoher (Figueirense/Paula Ramos-SC) Barbara Martins (Atletico Catarinense-SC) Tatyele Sena (Camaçari-BA) Danielle Cristina (Barcelona-PR)

attacker Adriana Quadros (Fênix-PR) Bruna Silva (Figueirense/Paula Ramos-SC) Technical committee André Hoepers Emerson Prado

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