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Responsible for great defenses, Vanessa, Sharon and Luiza vie for best goalkeeper award at Football

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Highest prize of the international football 7, the Football 7 Awards highlights the best sportsmen of the season. After a 2017 full of great competitions the FIF7 has announced the names that are competing for the individual awards. In the women's category of best goalkeeper Vanessa, Luiza and Sharon are in contention for the title. Check out a summary of the athletes:

Vanessa (Barcelona F7): Featured in major state competitions that dispute Vanessa reinforced Barcelona with the responsibility of helping the team conquer the World Club Championship. Even with a good campaign the team failed to reach the grand final but won third place with a beautiful performance of the goalkeeper. At the end of the season, the athlete was state champion with the team.

Sharon (Pinguinos Blancos / Peruvian Selection): The goalkeeper was one of the main surprises of the World Club Championship. The front of the White Penguins and the Peruvian selection the player stayed with the vice world championship and third place in the Intercontinental Cup. In addition, Sharon is also in contention to the award of best sub23 female athlete.

Luiza (Figueirense / Brazilian Selection): Frequent highlight of Figueirense Luiza defended the team at the World Club Championships and the Brazilian selection in the Intercontinental Cup. In both competitions the player won the title and in the World Club Championship was voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

The list of winners of the award will be announced on January 25. The awards ceremony will be held in Lima (Peru) on April 5th.

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