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Meet the nominees for the award best coach in the female category

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Main novelty of the 2017 season of International Football Federation 7 competitions in the women's category were successful. After the end of the season, the FIF7 indicated the highlights of the season and the commanders of the teams were also remembered. . Check out the nominees the best coach award in the female category:

Rodrigo Rocha (Brazilian Selection): experienced athlete, Rodrigo had the mission to command for the first time a Brazilian selection in the feminine category. The coach adjusted a team that did not have much time to prepare and helped the team to reach the decision of the Intercontinental Cup with an undefeated campaign. After winning Mexico in the decision Brazil won the tournament title.

Henrique Ramirez (Pinguinos Blancos / Peruvian Selection): The front of the White Penguins and the Peruvian selection Henrique helped the teams represent Peru well. With two strong teams the coach was runner-up of the World Club Championship and third place in the Intercontinental Cup. In the selection tournament the commander was elected the best of the tournament.

André (Figueirense): Commander of Figueirense André has already won great titles with the Brazilian team. The biggest of them was the first edition of the Women's World Championship. The coach led the team to the decision of the international competition where the team took the title after winning Pinguinos Blancos (PER) in Shoot-Outs. The coach was still voted the best in the competition.

The list of winners of the award will be announced on January 25. The awards ceremony will be held in Lima (Peru) on April 5th.

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