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Appointed to the Football 7 Awards, Rodrigo, Bernaldino and Thiago vie for the prize of best goalk

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With the end of season 2017, the FIF7 has announced the names that compete for the Football 7 Awards. Participants are nominated according to their performances in the season. Among the top three goalkeepers, two Brazilians and a Mexican vying for the best trophy in 2017. Check out a summary of the competitors:

Rodrigo (Chapecoense / Brazilian Selection): The 2017 season started well for Rodrigo Rocha. The goalkeeper defended the Brazilian team in the America Cup held in Peru and, in addition to winning the runner-up was elected the best goalkeeper of the competition. In the last competitions of the season Rodrigo got third place in the World Club Championship with Chapecoense beyond the title of the Intercontinental Cup with the Brazilian men's selection and with the Brazilian female selection, where she acted as a coach.

Bernaldino (Sidekicks): 2017 started well for Bernaldino. The goalkeeper was America Cup champion in March with the mexican selection. During the season, the athlete defended the Sidekicks and won important titles. The main was the World Club Championship. Mexico team beat Avai got the title and the goalkeeper was elected the best position in the tournament.

Thiago (Brazilian Selection): Thiago defended the Brazilian team in the 2017 competitions. In March, in Peu, the goalkeeper was runner-up of America Cup. Already in December in the Intercontinental Cup the athlete won the title of the tournament and the prize of best goalkeeper.

The list of winners of the award will be announced on January 25. The awards ceremony will be held in Lima (Peru) on April 5th.

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