Highlights in their teams, Marina, Sharon and Samira vie for the award of best Sub23 in the female c


Biggest individual award in international football 7, the Football 7 Awards highlight the best athletes of the season in the modality. For the first time, the female category will also attend this great party. In the sub23 category, two athletes from Brazil and one from Peru fight for the title of best in the world.

Marina (Figueirense): Important part of your team during the 2017 season, Marina had one of her best moments in the World Club Championship. After a brilliant campaign in the first phase, the team reached the big decision of the women's tournament. At the final, Marina was responsible for the Shoot-Out that gave the Brazilian team the title of the competition.

Sharon (Pinguinos Blancos): Just like your team, Sharon was one of the main highlights of the World Club Championship. Pinguinos Blancos had a great campaign in the competition and the goalie was responsible for beautiful defenses including penalties. In the decision with Figueirense the title ended up with the Brazilian team but Sharon was voted the best goalie of the tournament.

Samira (Seleção Brasileira): Convened for the first national team in the female category, Samira was one of the main highlights of the team in the competition. With an unbeaten campaign in the tournament, the athlete helped the team to win the title of the Intercontinental Cup for the category.

The list of winners of the award will be announced on January 25. The awards ceremony will be held in Lima (Peru) on April 5th.


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