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Marcelo Fattori leads individual Intercontinental Cup awards


Four teams began the Intercontinental Cup with the dream of winning an international title for their country. After all they faced, it was Brazil's honor to lift the trophy of the competition. The Brazilian team won their three games and had the most positive attack with 24 goals. In addition to the title, Brazil also won all the individual awards of the tournament.

The prize for best Intercontinental Cup coach was for Marcos Antônio Gonçalves, the Batata. The coach managed to extract the best of the selection, uniting the strategy and technique of the cast. The best goalkeeper was Thiago Santos, who was very confident when it was demanded of the opponents and helped the team to have the best defense of the tournament.

Two prizes went to Marcelo Fattori, player of Chapecoense. The athlete was the top scorer of the competition and considered the best player. Fattori excelled in all three matches in Brazil, scoring goals in all matches. In addition to the selection, the player helped Chapecoense to reach third place in the World Club Championship.

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