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Huracan (GUA) goes in search of the world title of football clubs 7

Football 7 World

Traditional 7 football team Central America, Huracan is the representative of Guatemala in the World Club Championship. Accustomed to winning national tournaments, this time the team ventures into the biggest international club competition and hopes to win the title on Brazilian soil.

The team is in Group A of the competition and face traditional rivals football world 7. In addition to Pucusana (PER) the team will face hosts Coritiba F7 and the strong Orange Asti team from Italy. The matches will be held at the Gymnasium of Tarumã and Thalia Club in Curitiba (BRA). Check out the schedule of the team in the first phase of the World Club Championship:

WORLD CLUBS | Round 1 | December 7 Tarumã | 23h45 | Orange Asti (ITA) x Huracan (GUA)

WORLD CLUBS | Round 2 | December 8 Tarumã | 11h15 | Huracan (GUA) x Pucusana (PER)

WORLD CLUBS | Round 3 | December 8 Thalia | 16h30 | Huracan (GUA) x Coritiba (BRA)

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