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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CLUBS - Check the groups of the women's category in the first phase of the to


Main international football club competition 7, the World Club Championship will be played between December 7 and 10, in Curitiba (BRA). The competition will feature the men's and women's categories, with diverse teams representing 11 countries. In women's disputes, eight teams from five different countries, fight for the title.

In the first phase, the teams will form 2 groups with 4 teams, classifying the 02 best of each group for the semifinals, in eliminatory games until the big decision. It is mandatory to direct confrontation between teams of the same countries in the semifinals, independent of their positions in the groups.

The table will be released in the coming weeks.


Águia Dourada (Brazil)

Leonas FC (Mexico)

Real United (Chile)

Figueirense / Paula Ramos (Brazil)


Racing (Argentina)

Barcelona F7 (Brazil)

Pingüinos Blancos (Peru)

Atletico Catarinense (Brazil)

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