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A CONQUEST FOR SPORT. Brazilian soccer teams 7 were called together with athletes from 22 different

The Brazilian Soccer Team 7 was called for the Intercontinental Soccer Cup 7, a competition that will be held in Curitiba between December 7 and 10. For the dispute the technical team of the men's team called 22 athletes from 14 different clubs and 07 states of the country, showing absolute respect for the football community 7, seeking to call athletes from all regions of the country, regardless of sports organizations that are affiliated at state level or national. In the women's team are 17 athletes from 09 different clubs that will defend the country. Such a democratic representation bringing together so many athletes from different teams is not common in collective sports in Brazil and can be considered a true achievement for Brazilian soccer. Currently the country is in a confused moment in the management of the sport, in which six Brazilian confederations and three national leagues compete for control of the sport. The International Football Federation 7 (FIF7) currently does not officially recognize any of the entities and intervened exclusively for the benefit of athletes in Brazil. Appointing a management committee that had autonomy to define the technical committee of the Brazilian soccer team 7, in order that athletes from all over Brazil had the chance to participate in the national team. This type of intervention is a fact that has already happened in professional football, but which occurs for the first time in football 7 internationally.

FIF7 "We know that there is a lot of political fight in the sport in Brazil, but our intervention was in favor of the sport and that absolutely no athlete was harmed, incredible as it may seem, in a sport that offers so little return to athletes. blackmail and boycotts by people over personal interests over the interests of athletes and especially sports.In December the main leaders of Brazilian football will have the opportunity to reconcile so that the development of the sport will not be prejudiced. on December 10 in Brazil, the International Congress of the FIF7 Núcleo Américas and 13 countries have already confirmed their presence in January, and we must have news regarding the recognition of a single national entity in the country. entities should understand that they are not above the interests of athletes and sports. we are very pleased to see that Brazil will have representatives from more than 21 teams from the country in their two teams. This is extraordinary. A real advance in the modality, in which democracy favored all the practicing community. Maybe it's still not ideal, but it's better than anything we've seen so far in Brazilian football. The athletes should be protected and always be in the first place, "said Altamirano Barrionuevo, director of FIF7.


"It is always very difficult to convene a Brazilian football team, since there are many options for high level athletes working simultaneously throughout the country. For the Intercontinental Cup, up to 20 athletes can be registered and we have chosen to maintain the Copa America base in Lima (Peru) and prioritize the athletes who will be in contention for the World Club Championship, in addition to incorporating other players of the highest level who have been standing out in the main competitions of the country.We have a group of people from all over the country who collaborated in passing In the next year, the board has already announced that there will be several preparatory friendlies, which will allow the technical commission that is in front of the selection to give more athletes a chance before summoning the team. selection for the Copa America and especially for the World Cup which is the main objective of 2018. We are confident and we are looking for the title, "said Marco Antonio Batata, Brazil coach.

COACH FEMALE "I was very proud of the invitation to run the team and talking with other people involved we decided to prioritize the athletes who are participating in the World Club Championship. As it is the first call of the Brazilian women's team it is absolutely normal that the team base is the The calendar for next year provides for Copa America in Lima (Peru), Cup of Nations in Buenos Aires ( Argentina) and World Cup in Brazil in the women's category, with this calendar it is possible to plan a great season and the development of a strong and highly representative team, "said Renata, the Brazilian national team's captain.


Carol (Vila Nova-ES)

Mara (Barcelona Fut7-PR)

Luiza (Figueirense/ Paula Ramos-SC)

Rayane (Vasco da Gama-RJ)

Adriana (Fenix-PR)

Heloísa D'el Rei (Figueirense/Paula Ramos-SC)

Daiana (Águia Dourada-PR)

Kelly (Atlético Catarinense-SC)

Samira (Internacional-RS)

Bruna da Silva (Figueirense/ Paula Ramos-SC)

Maria Teresa (Barcelona Fut7-PR)

Ana Vicente (Figueirense/ Paula Ramos-SC)

Laisa (Barcelona Fut7-PR)

Luana Tonete (Vila Nova-ES)

Maiara Veloso (Águia Dourada-PR)

Alyne (Atlético Catarinense-SC)

Thais (Equipe Forte - PR)


Renata Lobo (Rio de Janeiro-RJ)

Luana (Curitiba-Paraná)

Wanderlei Ramos


Rodrigo (Metropolitano-SC)

Thiago (Flamengo-RJ)

Helcinho (Flamengo-RJ)

Hideo (Atletico-PR)

Camilo (Os Mendes-ES)

Cadu (Sport-PE)

Marcelo (Metropolitano-SC)

Pelezinho (Santos-SP)

Macedo (América-MG)

Ide (Atlético-PR)

Wruck (Vasco da Gama-RJ)

Dionata (Coritiba-PR)

Rodrigo Príncipe (Botafogo-RJ)

Pinduca (Atlético-PR)

Fabinho (Avaí-SC)

Mike (Corinthians-SP)

Luizinho (Flamengo-RJ)

Luiz Fernando (Coritiba-PR)

Zóio (Santos-SP)

Feijão (Operário-PR)

Gabriel Honório (Beco Navetec / Paranaguá-PR)

Wesley (Vasco da Gama-RJ)


Marco Antonio Batata (São Paulo-SP)

Lucas Roxadelli

Wanderlei Ramos

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