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Official team Chapecoense is launched in Santa Catarina and confirms participation in the World Club

Photograph: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

Chapecoense has become one of the most famous teams in the world when arriving in the final of the Sudamericana Cup in 2016 and due to the terrible fatal accident in the same year that shocked the whole world. Due to this fact, many football 7 amateur teams, in several countries, tribute to the club, who did not have a team that officially represented her in the sport.

On Friday (10), it was officially announced that the club will start to compete in official competitions of football 7 and the debut will be in the World Club Championship. The club did an agreement with BMH of Santa Catarina, one of the most traditional and important teams of the Brazilian football 7, which has several titles in the category, representing the Metropolitano Club.

"The responsibility of representing Chapecoense is very large and we are very proud to be able to defend the club. We know that defending this club goes further what we can do inside the field as sportsmen. Chapecoense, by itself, carries a message of overcoming, love and respect wherever you go. We know the size of this responsibility and I am fully aware that our cast, who has great men, has the condition and commitment of loading this message where we pass”, said Tiago Almeida, Kaku, the team's coach.

Chapecoense will be in Curitiba, in the World Clubs Championship of football 7.

Photograph: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

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