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FIF7 takes precautionary measures to avoid that foreign teams be decharacterized


The technical department of the International Football Federation 7 announces that in the World Championships of Soccer Clubs 7 which will be held between December 7 and 10 in the city of Curitiba (BRA) teams must comply with international transfer rules. The measures are necessary to protect the identity of the event and the development of international football 7 avoiding the decharacterized of the competition.

a) Each team can only hire a maximum of 03 foreign athletes and the transfer must be validated by FIF7, so that the athlete can defend a club from another country in the international competition.

b) Players registered in clubs of the state hosting the event (Paraná-Brazil), can only be transferred to defend a club from another state or country upon payment of $ 500 (five hundred dollars).

Technical Dept.


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