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With the support of the mayor Pedro Florian Huari, the Pucusana FC (PER) team will play the World Cl


The team of Pucusana FC (PER) confirmed their participation in the World Clubs Championship of football 7, which will be held between December 7 and 10 in the city of Curitiba (BRA). Currently, the team is one of the strongest and most organized of the Professional Football League 7 of Peru, counting on players of the Peruvian selection of the category.

Last Monday (10/30), the mayor of the District of Pucusana, Pedro Florian Huari, signed an agreement in which he offered support who assured the team in the main international competition of clubs of the sport. "We have to thank the Pucusana District for its trust. Their support has been critical to realize this dream to represent our region and also our country in the World Clubs Championship of football 7. Without it nothing would be possible", said Mario Rivera Panta, one of the team leaders.

The team also managed to close a sponsorship with the company Lindley, who will also support the team on the trip to Brazil.

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