Atlético F7 (BRA) prepares to play World Clubs Championship at home


Traditional team of Brazilian football 7, Atletico F7 is one of the top names for dispute of the 2017 World Club Championship. In addition to being with an enhanced group, the team has the advantage of playing at home, since the competition will be held in Curitiba. In preparation for international competition, the team dispute the Brazilian qualifying for the world championship, even though the vacancy is guaranteed, since he was in the League of Americas 2017.

Accustomed to playing international tournaments, Atletico F7 is one of the favorites in the World Club Championship. The staff was in Buenos Aires in July, and was among the top four in the League of the Americas, besides winning the runner-up of the Copa Sudamericana.

Now, with the team replete with great reinforcements, the team prepares to play the main international club championship playing at home. The competition will be held in Curitiba, city of the Brazilian team.


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