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CHILE - Santiago's biggest Football 7 League of the beginning the National Association and is th


The Football League 7 of Santiago, organized by the Master League, began the process of formation of the National Football Association 7 of Chile. This association will bring together the major leagues football 7 of the country, allowing clubs and athletes to participate in the largest family of this sport in the world, the International Football Federation 7. Integrating the FIF7, Chileans will now have the opportunity to participate of the major football 7 championships in the world.

The League stands out for its professionalism with which he organizes his competitions, in different cities and categories. In addition to adult male competitions and + 30, the League also has the women's category in their tournaments. The League works according to one of FIF7's main objectives, which is to provide athletes with a good experience in high level events, offering quality and good organization to the participating teams.

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