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Sidekicks (MEX) is another guaranteed team in the World Club Championship


One of the main powers of football 7 in recent years, Mexico has been highlighting in major international tournaments of the sport. The national team is the current champion of the Copa America. At the club level, great teams make the sport even more competitive in Mexico. One of these teams is the Sidekicks, known mainly by their organization and technical level.

The Mexican team has already won several national championships, beyond the 2016 Sudamericana Cup, and the vice-championship at the 2014 World Club Championships. Recently the team won the International Cup Fut 7 GT, in Guatemala, and won the place for the 2017 edition of the World Club Championship.

The Mexican team lands in the city of Curitiba (BRA), in December, to play in the competition. With excited cast the team hopes to win the title this time around.

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