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International Federation announces launch of digital platform that will revolutionize soccer 7 in th


The International Football 7 Federation will launch the first digital exclusive platform for football content 7 worldwide. The WATCH F7 TV will be released in December, in Curitiba, and will already be used in the World Championship of football Clubs 7, which will be held in Brazil.

The digital platform has as main tool an application, which can be downloaded from any device. In this way, the public can follow behind cell phones, tablets or smart tvs all the emotions of the main competitions of soccer 7 internationally. Through the WATCH F7 TV, the public will have free access to the interviews, documentaries, exclusive programs, courses and, mainly, live games of the main events of the sport in the world.

"The sport is growing more and more within the digital platforms and we are preparing a structure to meet this enormous demand that exists in the football community 7. Smart TV is already a reality and we are constantly talking with major distributors of international sports content in order to make our products available. We are adjusting to these content distributors so we can leverage our global project. Watch F7TV is a great achievement for the development of football 7 worldwide. Let's invest a lot in content production quality and highly relevant", said Fabian Canaveris, president of FIF7.

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