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Atletico Nacional (COL) confirms participation and will come to Brazil in search of the world title


The Football World Club Championship 7 will bring together big teams in search of title of the main international competition of the sport. Aiming at winning the tournament, a great football team 7 confirmed presence. It's Atlético Nacional, Colombia. The team will come to Brazil with great players of Colombian football 7 like John Cardenas, Julian and Christian Moreno and Sebastian Manrique, athletes who with international experience and who have already defended the country's national team.

The World Championship competition takes place between December 7 and 10, in Curitiba (Brazil), with the participation of teams in the male and female category. The games will be held in the magnificent Arena Tarumã, newly opened. The event will be broadcast live to all continents.

It is coming World Championship 2017!!!

Entries for the 2017 edition of the world championship are already open. This year the competition will be held in Curitiba, Brazil, between December 7 and 10. Any team from outside Brazil can register and the disputes will happen in two categories The expectation is that 500 athletes from outside the country are present, representing more than 20 teams. Join your friends and join in.

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