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International Federation of Football 7 announced agreement with the largest company in the world in


The International Football Federation 7 closes according to INSTAT SPORT, international company that has the most modern platform of sport analysis in the world. The company's laboratory is located in Russia and currently serves the major professional sports leagues besides big clubs like Barcelona (Spain), Chelsea (England) and Bayer (Germany).

Among all the services, the analysis of each athlete stands out and the technical and tactical performance of the teams in the field. With this data, you can check the performance of the teams and of each player in the championship. Instat Sport will carry out the complete of all matches of the Intercontinental Cup of Selections and the playoff of the World Championship of Soccer Clubs 7, in both categories.

"This agreement is important as Instat Sport will contribute so that we can take football 7 to an increasingly professional level. This agreement starts with international competitions, but we intend to extend this support to all our world-affiliated leagues offering thousands of athletes an incredible sporting experience”, said Fabian Canaveris, president of FIF7.

Check below the institutional presentation of football:

football 7 federation
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