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Intercontinental Cup will be held in Curitiba

The city of Curitiba (Brazil) will become the soccer capital of the world 7. In December, 500 athletes will participate in the Football 7 World Club Championship in the men's and women's categories. So far 17 teams have confirmed their presence at the event and the organizers expect to reach 24 clubs in the competition. The great news was the confirmation by the International Football Federation 7 (FIF7) that the city will also receive the Intercontinental Cup, an important competition of the international calendar. The Intercontinental Cup will gather 08 national teams, being 04 in each category. FIF7 has not yet announced which countries will participate in the selection event. "An exceptional structure is being set up for the events in Curitiba, and the public is already looking forward to be able to present the biggest names in world soccer, and we are very pleased to confirm the performance of the first two international women's football events. that women deserve the same attention, so we are not making any effort to put them on the field in big events "said the president of the FIF7, Fabian Canaveris. The games of the Intercontinental Cup will be between December 06 and 10, in programming to be announced soon by the FIF7.

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