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Curitiba prepares extraordinary structure to receive the Football 7 World Club Championship

The city of Curitiba is preparing an extraordinary structure to host the most important international club championship in the world calendar. The event will be held at the Tarumã Gymnasium in Curitiba, which is being prepared to receive a synthetic grass floor, screens and all necessities according to the pattern of the biggest international sporting events held in the world. "The State Government and the Sports Department of the municipality are collaborating very much to make this the biggest edition of the history of the World Club Championship, and the structure that is being set up will take the sport to a new level within the sports industry. goal is to deliver the event in the same quality standard as the FIFA Beach Soccer and Futsal World Cup. It is a great challenge, but our team is committed to quality, "said Fabian Canaveris, president of the FIF7 (International Football 7 Federation). The teams begin to land on December 6 in Curitiba for games that take place between December 7 and 10. The big news will be the first edition of the event in the women's category. So far eight teams have already confirmed participation.

Imagem: FIF7

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