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Orange Futsal Asti (Italy) confirms participation in the Football 7 World Club Championship 2017

Orange Futsal Asti is one of the most important clubs in Italian and European futsal. Throughout its history big stars wore the club shirt. Last season the brazilian player Falcão, the biggest futsal athlete of all time defended the colors of the club. The growth of football 7 is a reality around the world and the traditional European club accepted the invitation to defend Italy in the Football 7 World Club Championship that will be played in Curitiba (Brazil) from December 7 to 10, 2017. The club's participation shows that great powers of world football will be on the pitch in the title fight. For his debut in international football competitions 7 the club announced that it will have the idol Grana, captain of the Italian national team of futsal and football 7.

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