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Metropolitano and Avaí FC confirmed in the Football 7 World Club Championship 2017

Avaí FC and Metropolitano will compete in the Football 7 World Club Championship in Curitiba in December. The competition already has 17 confirmed foreign teams and the organizing committee already celebrates having surpassed the target of 12 foreign teams stipulated in the launching of the event. The two Santa Catarina teams have already participated in international events. Both competed in a stage of the 2016 Circuit of the Americas, held in Florianópolis, where Avaí FC were eliminated in the knockout phase and Metropolitano won. The teams have already started the preparation to beat head to head with the big 7 international football. "It is an achievement to participate in the World Club Championship, the competition will have the main clubs from all countries and being one of the representatives of our country makes us deeply proud and enthusiastic to play a good role," said Israel Wamosy of Avaí, who was the coach of the Brazilian National Team in Copa America, held in Lima (Peru) in March. The Metropolitan was recently semifinalist of the Brazilian Championship of Clubs and is one of the strongest teams of the country in the present time. Among the highlights of the team are Marcelo and goalkeeper Rodrigo Rocha, absolute holders of the Brazilian team that was runner-up of Copa America. In the opportunity Rodrigo was elected the best of the position in the championship. In addition to the 02 Santa Catarina clubs the other Brazilian confirmed is Atletico Fut7, host and representative of Paraná already accredited the dispute of the world-wide title. The rubro-negra team was runner-up in the South American Football Cup 7 held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in July. The World Club Championship will be played between December 7 and 10 in the city of Curitiba, Parana state capital.

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