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Cesar Gonzales is named Best Coach of League of the Americas 2017

Football 7 World | Guilherme Becker

The Argentine Cesar Gonzales, Atlanta (ARG), won the individual award for best coach of the League of the Americas. The captain took the team to the runners-up of the tournament and despite not having won the title, concluded the competition in an unbeaten manner. In the final, Atlanta drew 1-1 with Racing, but lost in the Shoot-Outs.

After the runner-up, the coach praised the Racing Club team, highlighted the importance of international tournament experience for athletes and commented that high-level football 7 championships may attract even more players to the sport. (video)

The coach is one of the highlights of Argentine football 7. In the month of March, Cesar Gonzales commanded the selection of Argentina in the dispute of the Copa América, disputed in Peru. In the League of the Americas, Cesar had athletes who defended the national team and showed that the evolution in the modality is constant. In December, the World Club Championship will be held in Curitiba, Brazil.

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