Uruguay - Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española has a representative in the League of the Americas

Club Social and Deportivo Villa Española is a sports institution of the city of Montevideo, founded in 1940 in the neighborhood of the same name. Being famous for his boxing school, but his flagship sport is football. From there, they will travel Los Eternos, formed by a friendship that would be very difficult to beat, difficulty intensified last Sunday, in the final of the Classification Tournament, in the Complex El Golazo.

Los Eternos faced the Cibule in the big decision, which was worth a place in the League of the Americas. Still in the first stage, the team made it 3-0 in the opponent. In the second half the team suffered two goals, but closed the duel in 4 to 2, getting the title.

In addition to the title, this group will have as a prize the trip to Buenos Aires, to represent the Uruguayan flag in the League of the Americas. They have gained confidence that they will play a good role in the international tournament.


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