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Mexico - Dvo. Mago is the great champion of the International Mexican Cup

Liga Fut7 MX

After a weekend of intense disputes, the Dvo. Mago has unconquered the first edition of the International Mexican Cup. Facing Sidekicks, current champion of the Copa Sudamericana, the Mago had a consistent performance and won by 6 to 1. This is the first official title of the Mexican team.

Member of group C in the first phase of the tournament, the Dvo. Mago has won his first three games and arrived with morale for the duel of the quarterfinals. In front of the Huracán FC, team of Guatemala, the Mago won by 6 to 3 and won his place in the group of four best teams of the tournament.

In the semifinal match, Dvo. Mago faced Atletico Atizapán, greatest champion of Liga Fut7 MX. In a balanced match, the teams tied in 5 to 5, But the Mago won in the Shoot-Outs. In the match that was worth the title, the Dvo. Mago has opened four-goal lead against Sidekicks atill in the first stage. In the second half the team increased to 6 to 1 and got the trophy.

Check out the campaign of the winner of the International Mexican Cup:


1st round | Chetos A. 0 x 2 Dvo. Mago 2nd round| Huracán FC 1 x 5 Dvo. Mago 3rd round | Dvo. Mago 4 x 3 Meave

4TH FINALS| Dvo. Mago 6 x 3 Huracán FC SEMIFINAL |Dvo. Mago 5 (1) x (0) 5 Atletico Atizapán

FINAL | Sidekicks 1 x 6 Dvo Mago

It's coming the League of the America’s 2017

Registration for the next edition of the League of the Americas are open. The 3rd edition will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between July 13 and 16. Any team can sign up and disputes will take place in 12 categories. It is expected that 10 countries will be represented with a total of more than 100 teams. Join your friends and join in.

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