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Mexico - International Mexican Cup starts this Friday (26)

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With 12 teams in search of the title, the International Mexican Cup will begin this Friday (26) in Mexico. Gathering teams from Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico, the competition promises to be very fierce. After the draw held last week, the teams already know their groups and their opponents, and they are now preparing for the start of disputes.

National teams with better results, Sidekicks, Atizapán and Atletico Club Maeve were group leaders in the draw. In addition, international and domestic teams from Mexico were placed in the same pots, so that there would be no confrontation between them in the first phase. With three groups with four teams each, the competition already has day and time for the premiere. This Friday (26), the teams go into court starting at 10am in the Soccer 7, for the beginning of the competition.

Check out the groups and games of the first phase of the International Mexican Cup:


Sidekicks (MEX) Cuarto de Libra (ECU) El Bayo (MEX) Yunque FC (MEX)


Atletico Atizapán (MEX) Fut7 Revolution (ECU) Napoli Torreón (MEX) Avengers Tiki Taka (MEX)


Club Meave (MEX) Huracán FC (GUA) Chetos Alemán FC (MEX) Deportivo Mago (MEX)

1st round | 26/05

10h00 |GRUPO C | Meave x Huracán FC 10h00 |GRUPO C | Chetos A. x Dvo. Mago 11h00 |GRUPO A | Sidekicks x Cuarto de Libra 11h00 |GRUPO A | Bayo x Yunque FC 12h00 |GRUPO B |Atletico Atizapán x Fut Revolution 12h00 |GRUPO B | Napoli x Avengers

2st round | 26/05

16h00 |GRUPO C | Meave x Chetos A, 17h10 |GRUPO C | Huracán FC x Dvo. Mago 18h30 |GRUPO A | Sidekicks x Bayo 20h20 |GRUPO A | Yunque FC x Cuarto de Libra 21h30 |GRUPO B | Avengers x Fut Revolution 22h40 |GRUPO B | Atletico Atizapán x Napoli 3st round | 27/05

10h00 |GRUPO C | Huracán FC x Chetos A. 11h10 |GRUPO A | Bayo x Cuarto de Libra 12h20 |GRUPO B | Atletico Atizapán x Avengers 10h00 |GRUPO C | Dvo. Mago x Meave 11h10 |GRUPO A | Sidekicks x Yunque FC 12h20 |GRUPO B | Napoli x Fut Revolution

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