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Brazil - Coritiba F7 wins classic against Atlético F7 and wins the Taça Curitiba

Guilherme Becker

First competition of the Circuit Paranaense Football 7, Taça Curitiba met his new champion on the night of Saturday (20). Atletico F7 and Coritiba F7, which have five members of the Brazilian selection, they decided the title in an exciting game. At the end of 50 minutes, Coritiba won by 7 to 3 and won the title.

Highest winner of the Taça Curitiba, Atletico F7 had a revamped cast, led by national coach Israel Wamosy. In addition to the coach, Captain Mario Junior and the shirt 10 Ide, who also defended Brazil in the Copa América Were in the game. The Coritiba also had two athletes in the selection, Dionata and Louizinho were the runner-up in Peru.

Best in the beginning of the game, Atletico opened three-goal lead before 15 minutes. However, Coritiba did not discourage and managed to reorganize the team, which decreased twice before the interval, 3 to 2. In the second half, Alviverde came back better and achieved a draw with Dionata. After that, the team took the actions of the game and turned the game to 7 to 3 conquering the title.

Members of the Brazilian selection are awarded individually

In addition to getting the title of the competition, Dionata was voted the best in the tournament. Coach Israel was the best coach of the Taça Curitiba. Completed the awards the scorer Lucas Mendes, of Coritiba and goalkeeper Bruno Hiruma of Santa Monica.

It's coming the League of the America’s 2017

Registration for the next edition of the League of the Americas are open. The 3rd edition will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between July 13 and 16. Any team can sign up and disputes will take place in 12 categories. It is expected that 10 countries will be represented with a total of more than 100 teams. Join your friends and join in.

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