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Leaders lose in round and Universitario takes over the vice-leadership of Super League Stars 7

Foto: Jorge Delgado

The teams that play for Super League Stars 7 Returned to the field last weekend, for the fifth round of the tournament. Leaders of the competition, Virgem de Chapia and Sport Callao faced teams from the bottom of the standings and ended up stumbling. Who did well was the Universitario, who won his match and took the second position in the tournament.

In the first two games of the fifth round, the first placed faced teams that were in the bottom of the classification. In a balanced duel, the Alas Peruanas surpassed Sport Callao by 6 to 5, already the lantern San Agustin, won the Virgem leader of Chapi by 7 to 3. Even losing, the Virgem of Chapi continues in the lead, already the Sport fell to the third position.

Now vice-leader of the competition, the Universitario surpassed the Alianza by 8 to 4 And took advantage of the stumble of a direct competitor to take second place. Deportivo Palestino thrashed the academy by 9-3 and rose to the standings.

Super Liga Stars | Round 5

Sport Callao 5 x 6 Alas Peruanas San Agustin 7 x 3 Virgem de Chapi Alianza 4 x 8 Universitário Academia 3 x 9 Deportivo Palestino

It's coming the League of the America’s 2017

Registration for the next edition of the League of the Americas are open. The 3rd edition will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between July 13 and 16. Any team can sign up and disputes will take place in 12 categories. It is expected that 10 countries will be represented with a total of more than 100 teams. Join your friends and join in.

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