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Nicolas Bella evaluates Uruguay's participation in Copa América and comments on the League of th

Foto: Guilherme Becker

Tournament that opened the 2017 season, the Copa América de Futebol 7 met six teams in March in Peru, in search of the title. Alongside Mexico, Brazil and Peru, Uruguay reached the group of the four best of the competition, but ended up losing the third-place dispute to the hosts.

Although it has not won the title, Uruguay had good performances in the tournament. Selection athlete Nicolas Bella evaluated the participation of the team and ensured that, even without the desired preparation, the group managed to achieve good results.

"Unfortunately our preparation can not be as we wanted, but I believe that with what little we have done, we managed to look good results in the Copa America. I think for the level that the competition showed, we went well. We had a good participation and we seek to close in the best way. In particular, I was happy to have contributed with the team a few goals", he says.

After defending the selection, Nico starts thinking about the next tournament Football7 World. In July, Argentina will receive the League of the Americas, competition for clubs. The player confessed that he wishes to be present in another 7 football competition. (video)

Registration for the next edition of the League of the Americas are open. The 3rd edition will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between July 13 and 16. Any team can sign up and disputes will take place in 12 categories. It is expected that 10 countries will be represented with a total of more than 100 teams. Join your friends and join in.

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