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League of America - Brazilian teams have hegemony in the competition's achievements

Football 7

The third edition of League of the Americas Football 7 is approaching. Between July 13 and 16, Buenos Aires will be the world capital of the sport and will receive great teams in various categories. With representatives from several countries, the teams will try to close the Brazilian hegemony that won the first two editions of the championship.

In the first edition, played in 2014, the final phase was played in Lima, Peru. Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and Mexico had representatives in the finals. In the big final, Fluminense (Bra) and Sidekicks (Mex) disputed the title of League of the Americas. With good performance from Henrique Wruck, the Brazilians took the trophy after a 3-2 victory.

Already in 2016 the League of the Americas was disputed in Rio de Janeiro. With strong castings and under intense heat from Rio, two Brazilian teams came to the decision. Maintaining the hegemony, Foz Fut7 won the trophy in the Shoot-Outs against the Maringá team.

Registration for the next edition of the League of the Americas are open. The 3rd edition will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between July 13 and 16. Any team can sign up and disputes will take place in 12 categories. It is expected that 10 countries will be represented with a total of more than 100 teams. Join your friends and join in.

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