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Mexico - Atlético Atizapan takes advantage in the final of the Fut7 League MX, season 6

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Atletico Atizapan and Deportivo Mago are reissuing the final of the Fut7 Mexico 2016 League. Last year the teams met and Atizapan won the trophy for the fourth time in history. This season the teams repeated good campaigns and are again in the big decision. In the first match of the final of this year, Atizapan was the winner.

On the night of last Wednesday (3), Atletico Atizapan and Deportivo Mago entered the field at the RG La Presa Arena to start the decision of the sixth season of Liga FUt7 Mexico. In front of an excellent public, the teams made a balanced game. The Mago opened the scoring, but still in the first half Atizapan turned the score to 3 to 1. Before the interval the Mago decreased to 3 to 2.

In the second stage Atizapan did not allow the Mage to tie the match and soon opened 4 to 2 on the scoreboard. A few minutes later, the Mago came back on the scoreboard after scoring the third goal, 4 to 3. In the final minutes the anxiety and the mood of tension took over the game and the networks did not swing anymore. With the victory the Atizapan takes advantage in the decision of Liga Fut7.

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