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Fabian Canaveris is elected President of the Fédération Internationale de Football 7 (FIF7)

The International Football Federation 7 (FIF7) was founded. The entity was born with the aim of regulating, promoting and boosting the sport to a new level in the sports industry. It is estimated that currently Football 7 has more than 35 million practitioners around the world and more than 135 national sports organizations spread across the continents. The president-elect is Fabian Canaveris, with the experience of having been VP and also CEO of Football 7 World, Uruguayan who participated in 04 editions of the FIFA World Cup and more than 35 international events was chosen by the founding countries to Become the leader of the international organization. "I thank all national sports organizations for their trust. We will do an important team work and we will work hard on the regulation of the modality with all the most important organs of the world sport. " The FIF7 will initially work with the objective of joining forces among all the national sports entities for the development of the modality. Football 7 World supports the International Federation, its entire board, projects and initiatives.

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