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Debutant in the national team, Rodrigo Rocha wins the award for best goalkeeper

Karyna Prado

Highlight of Metropolitan / BMH, Team that plays in Santa Catarina (BRA), Rodrigo Rocha was one of the highlights of Brazil in the vice-championship of the Copa America 2017. In his first call for the Brazilian national team the archer helped the team to conquer one of the best defenses of the championship and won the award for best goalkeeper.

Competing with Thiago, who had defended Brazil in the World in 2014, The shirt 20 stood out in the first matches and won the trust of coach Israel. In the semifinal, Rodrigo was decisive in the collection of Shoot-outs, helping in the classification for the decision. After the competition, the goalkeeper commented on his first call to defend the country.

"The call was very rewarding, is very important when we are reminded of that form. As soon as we see our name on the call we already want to play, but when I saw the name of Thiago I knew it would be difficult, he is a great goalkeeper and had been summoned before. But I had the opportunity and I held. Along with this, the selection counted on a very solid defensive system, This ended up helping me to prove my value in the selection ", said the goalkeeper.

Guilherme Becker

Even reaching the final with one of the best campaigns of the tournament, Brazil was unable to overcome Mexico, who took the title. However, Rodrigo was elected the best goalkeeper of the competition, Receiving the award from the hands of the super star Falcão. About the election, the shirt 20 said he was grateful for the recognition, which is the result of teamwork.

"When we embarked for Peru our goal was very clear, to be champions. Unfortunately it did not work. But I am very grateful to have been crowned the best goalkeeper of the competition. It is a very important recognition and which shows the importance of the group, because even though it is an individual award, they have helped me in this. This gives me even more strength to fight for a future call”, he added.

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