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Champions dominate the individual awards of the Copa America

Karyna Prado

Mexico won the Copa América de Futebol 7 unbeaten. In big decision, the team defeated Brazil and closed the competition with five wins in five games. In addition to the title of champion, the team dominated the individual awards getting three of the four awards.

If in 2014 Mexico lost the world title to Brazil, in 2017 the team achieved the rematch in the Copa America. Technical of the team in the two occasions, Tequila was responsible for leading the team the big decision with one of the best attacks and one of the best defenses, Which gave him the prize of best coach.

Mexican Selection Shirt 10, Bogar Moreno was one of the team's references. The captain collaborated with goals, who helped the team to finish the first phase with the best campaign and raised the title of the tournament, also getting the award for best player of the Copa America.

Also of the selection of Mexico, Hugo Rodriguez was the top scorer. During the competition, the shirt 17 fought directly with the scorers of Peru, but in the end he took the best and finished as a tournament scorer.

Representative of the finalist Brazil, the shirt 20 Rodrigo took the prize of best goalkeeper of the America's Cup. Beside the shirt 1 Thiago, The archer helped the Brazilian team to finish with one of the best defenses, besides being decisive in the charges of Shoot-Outs in the semifinal against Peru.

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