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In exciting semifinals, Brazil and Mexico qualify for decision

Guilherme Becker

The great decision of the Copa America 2017 is defined. On the night of last Sunday (19), Brazil and Mexico they overcame their opponents In the semifinals and guaranteed a place in the final of the tournament. Peru and Uruguay decide the third place.

Ecuador beat Argentina and took fifth place.Ecuador and Argentina opened the penultimate day of competition with the duel for fifth place. After losing 4-2 in the first half, Ecuador recovered the score and won by 10 to 7. Then it was the turn of Mexico and Uruguay. In a disputed confrontation, Mexico won by 5 to 2 and got the first wave in the decision.

In the last game of the night, Brazil and Peru made a balanced duel from start to finish. After 50 minutes moved and the tie in 0 to 0. The teams decided to vacate the Shoot-Outs. In the beats, Fabinho converted to Brazil And, on the beat of Peru, Del Mastro hit the beam.

Now, Brazil and Mexico decide the title of the Copa America 2017. The match is scheduled for Monday (20), at the Estadio Manuel Bonilla.

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